Why do we need mathematics

Humans are tool makers and maths is one of our ultimate tools.

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Why are human beings the dominant species?

Our bodies get cold easily, we'd lose in a fight against a bear, giraffe, lion, rhino, elephant..., our teeth aren't very sharp.  So why are we so good at surviving on this harsh planet?

Because of our crazy smart brains.

We use our brains to build tools

To overcome our short-comings we build stuff like:

  • Houses to shelter us
  • Heaters to keep us warm
  • Cars to move us around
  • Smart phones to help us take pictures of ourselves
  • Schools to make us even smarter

This is what sets us apart from all other living things on the Earth.

Think about this for a sec, what is the fastest animal on land? (scroll down for the answer)


Is it a horse?



Lions are pretty fast....





It's actually a cheetah, however....



 We can go way faster when we use our tool making abilities.

 So what has this got to do with maths?

Maths is a kind of intellectual tool that we use to build most other tools. Pretty much all professions and your daily life depend on maths in some way.

Examples of maths in your daily life:

  • Calculating when you can afford something
  • Working out how to get somewhere on time

Examples of maths from the old days:

  • Navigating the enormous ocean in relatively tiny wooden ships
  • Building the pyramids

Examples of jobs needing lots of maths:

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Carpentry

Examples of jobs needing absolutely no maths:

  • Digging a hole in the ground (if the hole was allowed to be any size)


Maths is an amazing thing. It is super interesting and will help you both in your working life, your normal daily life and as a source of enjoyment (trust me on this last one - you get a sense of satisfaction when you understand something on a deep level)